I was born and raised in Western Oklahoma and am proud to continue in the long line of Oklahomans who have impacted the world and made it a better place. The story of Oklahoma is the story of America. We are young and hopeful with a bright future before us. We have choices. Our choices, however, have been limited and stifled by people who are only looking out for themselves.


At our heart, we are a giving resilient people, ready to help anyone at a moments notice. Our pain has brought hope to the rest of the country. Our strength has been a shining example to other states in their time of need. We have been caught in the middle of other people’s battles long enough. 

I have had many experiences in my life. I have been a minister, actor and teacher. Now I know, the best way for me to spend the next part of my life is in service to you. Growing up I did not think much about politics or politicians. The only two politicians I could name as a child were Governor Frank Keating and President Bill Clinton. As my knowledge grew, I noticed something interesting: I never met a politician until I decided to run for office.

Politicians are supposed to be the representatives of the people. How can anyone represent us if they don’t know us? I am running because I want to know you and your needs, and because I want you to know me. I want you to be able to live your life in the way you choose, while at the same time knowing that you have an advocate that is looking out for you on a larger scale. Oklahoma and Oklahomans have a special place in the heart of America. Books have been written about our struggles and films made about our darkest hours. Now is the time for the nation to know Oklahoma once again as a pioneer and as a Sooner. Let’s lead the way and show the world just what it means to have a Sooner Spirit.

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